Lemon Eucalyptus Herbal Body Oil

Lemon Eucalyptus Herbal Body Oil
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Product Description

This herbal body oil is first and foremost an all natural insect repellent! It is an olive oil & organic jojoba oil base combined with lemon balm, mountain mint, lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils. These herbs are known to be anti~viral, anti~bacterial, anti~inflammatory, antiseptic & anti~fungal. It has also been useful for treating bug bites, stings, toenail fungus, sore muscles & joints. Simply put a few drops on your fingertips & apply. Great for dogs & horses too! A few drops massaged on dogs neck helps deter insect pests, and is especially useful for horses as a preventative/treatment for "scratches" on their lower legs.