Lavender Berry Herbal Goatmilk Soap

Lavender Berry Herbal Goatmilk Soap
Item# lavender-berry

Product Description

Lavender, elderflowers, elderberries & goatmilk gently nourish & soften our skin; enhanced even further with pure lavender essential oil. A mild soap for face and body, for all skin types. The enzymes & nutrients(primarily vit A) in the goatmilk can repair, soften and sooth skin. Lavender has been used to help ease sensitive, inflamed skin, with issues such as rosacea & acne. Elder has been used to soften and treat sensitive & inflamed skin as well; and has even been reputed to diminish freckles! It grows all over the world and was made famous as a skin remedy by gypsy travellers, who collected the abundant flowers and berries from hedgerows, using it in skin care washes & balms. 4 oz

"Thank you very much for sharing a sample of your Lavenderberry soap with my three year old son - he won't use anything else (except perhaps bath toys) now to clean himself! I'm so glad you take the time to learn and practice wildcraft, and that you're so generous to share it with others." says Tracy, St. Louis, MO