Herbal Soaps

All of our soaps are based on herbs and plant oils~the main base consists of olive oil, coconut oil, soy oil, castor oil, cocoa butter & shea butter. we do offer a soap without coconut & soy for those who have allergies, called "La Sapponetta".

We infuse herbs in olive oil and/or add finely powdered herbs to the soap further infusing their benefits before I pour it into molds. This time consuming process is what ensures the herbal qualities transfer to the soap! Since we raise our own herbs I am able to use a large quantity in each recipe~ we go through pounds of herbs~ another way to get the most benefit from them as possible! Most soaps are very lightly scented, relying on the herbs, herbal infusions, and soap base (including cocoa butter & coconut oil) for a soft, clean, scent. This makes them ideal for those with skin and allergy sensitivity. For other soaps, I only use pure essential oils (not fragrance oils) to enhance scent & skin care benefits. The scent of the herbs & essential oils are released in the heat of the bathing process but they do not leave a lingering scent. I never use artificial dye, micas, oxides, fragrances or other chemical additives that can irritate skin or contaminate our water supply. Cleanse, soothe, protect your skin & enjoy the pleasure of herbs!